Richmondshire District Council

A £29,000 conservation scheme at a Richmondshire nature reserve has received cash help from the District Council.

The Foxglove Covert Local Nature Reserve project has been awarded almost £9000 from the Authority’s Social Fund.

A large portion of the funding was used to construct a number of interpretation boards which are located inside the outdoor classroom. The boards will serve as a real benefit to the children and young people who attend for educational visits.

The reserve - which covers 100 acres of moorland adjacent to Cambrai Lines at the heart of Catterick - is home to more than 2,680 species of plants, birds, butterflies and other animals and has a state of the art field centre available for use by the local community and other users.

The moorland is a fundamental part of these habitats but it is also an area in danger of reverting to woodland. The project aims to protect the area to make it a more sustainable resource for the future use, study and enjoyment of visitors together with interpretative signage and resources that make the reserve accessible to everyone.

“Our funding will help protect a vitally important area of Richmondshire for future generations” said Council Deputy Leader, Councillor Ian Threlfall.

“This is exactly what we want our grant funding to do – a small amount can make a massive difference to a scheme’s success.”

Councillor Ian Threfall with Major Tony Crease with the new educational interpretation boards
Councillor Ian Threlfall with Major Tony Crease with the new educational interpretation boards
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