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Hypnotism licence

If you want to exhibit, demonstrate or perform hypnotism on anyone during public entertainment anywhere a Licensing Act 2003 licence isn't in force, you must have authority from us.

This applies whether you charge the public or not.

This doesn't include performances given in the course of the performance of a play.

Hypnotism also includes mesmerism and any similar act or process which produces, or is intended to produce, any form of induced sleep or trance in which the susceptibility of the mind to suggestion or direction is increased or intended to be increased.


The legislation concerned is section two of the Hypnotism Act 1952.

Conditions may also be attached to any notification.

Applying for a licence

The person who proposes to give the performance needs to apply.

Applicants must not have previously been refused, or had withdrawn, a consent by any licensing authority or been convicted of an offence under the Hypnotism Act 1952, or of an offence involving the breach of a condition regulating or prohibiting a performance of hypnotism on anyone at a place licensed for public entertainment.

Refusal of consent by another authority doesn't necessarily indicate that the particular hypnotist isĀ unacceptable, and won't prejudice the application.

Applications should be made not less than 28 days in advance of the performance.

In cases where a hypnotist has performed at the same venue within the last three years without any problems, this period may be reduced.

A copy should be sent to the chief police officer. We may also copy it to the local fire authority where necessary.

Email for an application form

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