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What is a pavement licence?

Pavement licences are currently granted under Part 7A of the Highways Act 1980. In Richmondshire these are granted and enforced by North Yorkshire County Council Highways as street cafe licences.

The Business and Planning Act 2020

The purpose of this Act is to provide an easier and quicker application process to support businesses to operate safely while COVID-19 restrictions are still in place. 

This is a temporary measure only, which will remain in place until 30 September 2021. 

A licence granted under this Act by a local authority (Richmondshire District Council) would permit the business to use movable furniture placed on the highway to sell or serve food or drink and/or allow it to be used by people for consumption of food or drink supplied from, or in connection with the use of the premises.

Essential conditions which will apply

Licences can only be granted in respect of highways listed in section 115A(1) Highways Act 1980. Generally, these are footpaths restricted to pedestrians or are roads and places to which vehicle access is restricted or prohibited. Highways maintained by Network Rail or over the Crown land are exempt (so a licence could not be granted).

There must be sufficient space available on the pavement to maintain a minimum 2 metre wide pedestrian access route around the area where the furniture is to be placed.

Standard conditions

There are standard conditions which will be applied to all pavement licences granted by Richmondshire District Council. Additional conditions may also be applied following representations from consultees.

Who can apply?

A business which uses (or proposes to use) premises for the sale of food or drink for consumption (on or off the premises) can apply for a licence. Businesses that are eligible include:

  • public houses
  • cafes
  • bars
  • restaurants
  • snack bars
  • coffee shops
  • ice cream parlours

How to apply

Please refer to all of the guidance notes in the supporting documents at the bottom of this page before applying.

A completed application form must be submitted by email to along with all the required supporting documentation. The fee should be paid using the online payment system and the receipt number recorded in the checklist on page 4 of the application form. 

Application fee

The application fee is:

  • £30 for a 3 month licence
  • £60 for a 6 month licence
  • £90 for a 9 month licence
  • £100 for a 12 month licence

This fee is non-refundable once the application has been successfully validated.

On the same day the application is accepted and validated (usually the same day as submission) a public notice of application must be clearly displayed on the site of the business. The public notice must remain in place for the full consultation period.

Once the application has been validated there will be a consultation period of 7 days from the day after the application was submitted. 

The council will then have a further 7 days to determine the application and may impose additional conditions based on the results of the consultations.

Current licence applications 

You can view current pavement licence applications below. If you wish to comment on an application you should follow the guidance on making a representation

There are currently no applications to view at present. 

Reference number       Premises name     Last date for representations  Application documents


Last updated 07/9/2020

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