Richmondshire District Council

Current hackney carriage fares

Tariff one

Tariff one Inclusive of VAT
For each journey not exceeding ½ mile, or part thereof £2.70
Each additional 1/10 of a mile or part thereof £0.22
Waiting time for each period of 1 minute or part thereof £0.20

Tariff two

Tariff two Inclusive of VAT
For hirings begun between 23.00h and 07.00h Tariff one plus 50%       

Tariff three

Tariff three Inclusive of VAT
For hirings begun between 18.00h Christmas Eve to
07.00h on 27 December and 20.00 on 31 December
to 07.00 on 1 January and midnight to midnight all
Bank Holidays                                        
Tariff one plus 100%  

Other charges

Other charge Inclusive of VAT
Extra charges for cleaning a vehicle where it has been soiled
by passengers (maximum charge)
For each person* more than four
[*or two children under the age of 11 count as one]

Booking fee - A maximum booking of £4.00 [one way only] is payable provided the amount is agreed with the hirer at the time of booking and that the customer is told this will be in addition to the metered fare.


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