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Running a pet shop

To run a pet shop, you need a licence from us.

The licence is required for all selling of pet animals from commercial or domestic premises and includes internet sales.


The legislation relating to this licence is The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) England Regulations 2018.

Applying for a licence 

Any fit and proper person who isn't disqualified from keeping a pet shop can apply.

After we receive your completed application form and fee, we'll inspect the premises. 

From time to time, a vet or veterinary practitioner may accompany our officer on the inspection. The applicant will be responsible for paying any fees for the vet's visit before the licence is granted.

Conditions that will apply to all pet shop licences are set out in the guidance from DEFRA. 

Public register

There's no public register but a list of current licensed pet shops is available on request.

Further information

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