Richmondshire District Council

Keeping a dangerous wild animal

Anyone keeping a dangerous wild animal, except where it's kept in a circus, licensed pet shop or premises designated for scientific purposes, needs a licence from us.


The legislation relating to this licence is the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976

Applying for a licence

You can apply for a licence if you're over 18, not disqualified from keeping dangerous wild animals and you both own and are in possession of any animal(s) that will be covered by the licence.

After we receive your completed application form and fee, the premises and any animals will be inspected by one of our officers and an authorised vet or veterinary practitioner.

Once we've received the veterinary inspection report, we'll decide whether the licence should be granted with standard or additional conditions.

Conditions will apply about the species, the number of animals you're allowed to keep and recommendations from the authorised veterinary surgeon.

You'll also be responsible for payment of any fee for the vet’s report before the licence is granted.

Public register

There's no public register of holders of dangerous wild animal licences.

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