Richmondshire District Council

COVID-19 guidance

Businesses may continue to operate unless they are on the list of proscribed businesses that are legally required to remain closed.

  • Animal grooming businesses may stay open but must only be used for the purposes of an animal’s welfare (and not for aesthetic purposes). Please consult the Government website for the most up to date information. It states that you may only be open for proven welfare reasons for which there will be few. Failure to follow this guidance can result in a fine for both parties. Fines currently start at £1,000 for first offences.

    Veterinary surgeons, animal rescue centres, boarding facilities and pet shops can remain open. 

Whilst there have been no confirmed instances of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) from pets to people, it is still very important that anyone operating an animal business must:

  • Implement effective hygiene procedures, including regular hand washing for 20 seconds using soap and water
  • Wear gloves to avoid any unnecessary contact
  • Comply with the requirements relating to social distancing, staying 2 metres apart at all times
  • Check you have valid insurance as your insurance company may request additional measures
  • Have a specific written Covid-19 Risk Assessment. A registered body such as the Kennel Club or British Horse Riding Society may have example documents and offer assistance.

Please also refer to the following Government guidance:

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