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The Pop-Up Shed

The Healthy Horizons Pop-Up Shed project is for any ex-forces personnel living in Richmondshire aged 40 or older. It is funded via the Aged Veterans Fund at the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust, by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds and will run until 31st March 2019.

The telephone number for The Shed is 07598 355 031.

What can it do?

Being part of the Pop-Up Shed can:

  • Help with stress 
  • Learn new things
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Try new activities, work with artists and crafts people in a safe environment
  • Form new friendships and networks with other like minded people
  • Meet new people and change your routine 

The pop-up shed runs most weeks on a Wednesday and Thursday 10am - 4pm, check our events area or call for more information.  Most weekly sessions are held at The Depot, Borough Road, in Richmond, but you could call to check. 

2019 activities 

March activities - This leaflet details the schedule of activities during March 2019.

Be part of The Pop-Up Shed's Ex-Forces 'Identity' Exhibition

There is still time to participate in The Pop-Up Shed's 'Identity' Exhibition which runs from 1st -14th April at The Station, Richmond. If you are ex-forces, aged over 40 and live in North Yorkshire, please get in touch or go along to The Pop-Up Shed to see what is taking place.

This important exhibition will track the 18-month project for Community First Yorkshire Ex-Forces Support North Yorkshire project called Healthy Horizons. It will highlight the group's incredible journey from October 2017, when a fully equipped wood working shed was set up and workshops were run by a whole array of professional artists.

How to join 

To take part in Healthy Horizons, you must have served in the armed forces, completed National Service conscription, or worked in the Merchant Navy in support of the military at some time. You must also be over 40 and live in North Yorkshire.

You can join yourself or on behalf of a relative or friend, for a cared-for person, or for someone you are supporting by emailing .

Veterans will be able to access as many services as they would like to through the project and choose which activities and opportunities they're interested in.

For more information or to arrange a visit telephone Sue Dewhurst on 07598 355 031.

Our leaflet gives more information about the project and support available. 

Ex Forces Support in North Yorkshire 

Healthy Horizons is part of a wider portfolio of projects under the Ex Forces Support in North Yorkshire programme. For information on each project partner and the support they are offering for veterans living within North Yorkshire then please click on the links below:

You can also find out about the projects in the portfolio in this information pack.

Veterans' Gateway

This new £2 million service promises to revolutionise a military charity sector that currently leaves over half of veterans “confused,” by providing a first point of contact for those seeking support.

Funded by the Ministry of Defence, it will improve access to welfare services and speed-up the time it takes for veterans to receive the support they deserve.

The new 24-hour online chat, phone, and text message service is partly manned by veterans who have been trained to help the growing British Armed Forces community.

Veterans and their dependents will be able to access support services in physical health, financial support, help with independent living, housing, mental wellbeing, and employment. 

Visit the Veterans' Gateway website to find out more. 

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