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Environmental health deals with requests for advice and help from private tenants and landlords about the condition of their housing.

The team provides advice and support to owner-occupiers and leaseholders who are responsible for their own repairs.

The housing health and safety rating system (HHSRS) involves checking for defects and deficiencies to the whole of the property, including access paths, gardens and outbuildings, which could potentially harm the health and safety of occupants or visitors.

There are 29 hazards for officers to check and where necessary landlords will have to make repairs or improvements.

This leaflet tells you more about HHSRS.

Environmental health will also investigate complaints about the condition of neighbouring properties, such as penetrating dampness because of a leaking gutter on a neighbouring property.

To register a complaint regarding a privately rented property, complete the below form

Environmental health complaint

To submit an enquiry regarding a privately rented propert, complete the below form

Environmental health enquiry

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