Richmondshire District Council

When do Environmental Health get involved? 

In order for Environmental Health to become involved, a property must be filthy or verminous.

Properties that are 'filthy' (usually where there are large amounts of rotting food, human or animal excrement inside the property) or 'verminous' (usually meaning infested with pests such as rats, mice and insects) can be harmful to health.

Sometimes the person in the property is vulnerable and needs help. We will work with organisations, such as social services, to try and provide as much help and support as possible.

We will try and resolve issues informally, but where this is not possible we can serve a notice on the occupier to clean the property. It does not matter if the occupier owns or rents the property.

If notices are not complied with, we can employ contractors to clean the property and destroy the pests.

If you are concerned about a property, or a person living in a dirty or pest infested property, contact the Environmental Health team.

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