Richmondshire District Council


Our Lifeline service provides reassurance, emergency support and peace of mind to its users, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is an integral part of the service provided to residents of council sheltered schemes. For all other applicants, Lifeline can be provided for as long as you want it. It's available to anyone over 60, disabled people and residents returning home from hospital who need back-up while they recover.

Lifeline provides people with a special unit which connects them via the telephone network to a call centre. Customers can summon help at any time by pressing either of the alarm trigger buttons supplied with the unit.

The operator at the call centre talks to the caller and summons further help if needed. That help ranges from giving verbal reassurance, to contacting a friend, neighbour, relative, mobile warden or the medical and emergency services.

The current cost is £6.90 per week. There is financial help available. We can help you complete an application for financial assessment, which will be carried out by North Yorkshire County Council.


Telecare also helps people live independently in their home.

Equipment that can be provided includes:

  • Smoke detector: Can raise the alarm in cases of fire
  • Fall detector: Will identify a fall and get help quickly
  • Flood detector: Can identify an overflowing bath or sink
  • Bed or chair occupancy sensor: Can indicate that the user has unexpectedly not returned to their bed or chair.

Telecare equipment can raise the alarm to a specialist centre 24 hours a day. Trained operators will have the user's information and know who to call in an emergency.

To get connected, you need to contact North Yorkshire County Council. An assessor will then visit to identify needs and decide which equipment would help. The assessor will also discuss who should respond to any alarm call. All the equipment is provided and fitted by Richmondshire Lifeline staff.

There is a small weekly charge for using Telecare, depending on your circumstances.


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