Richmondshire District Council

How long will it take for my grant to be approved?

The council must, by law, give you a decision on your grant application within six months of receiving your application however this is normally done within a much shorter time.

Once the grant is approved, the work must normally be completed within a year of the grant approval.

We do advise that you do not start any work before you receive formal grant approval as this may affect your entitlement to some or all of the grant.

How will the grant be paid?

Once the work is complete and has been inspected and found satisfactory by our technical officer, the grant will normally be paid direct to the contractor that has carried out the work.

For larger works, stage payments can be made to the contractor but these will be subject to inspection before payment is made.

Will I have to pay the grant back?

If you own and live in the property, the council may register a local land charge on the property where the cost of the adaptation work is more than £5,000. This is repayable if the property is sold within ten years of the work being completed.

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