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You could get a grant if you, or someone in your home, is disabled and you need to make changes to your property to make life easier.

This could include:

  • Widening doorways and constructing ramps to make it easier to get in or out of the home
  • Installing a stair lift to allow access to a bedroom and bathroom
  • Adapting a bathroom, for example installing a low-level shower instead of a bath or providing a bathroom downstairs
  • Adapting a heating system to make it easier to use

The maximum grant is £30,000. The amount you receive depends on the cost of the work and whether you can afford to contribute towards it. This is decided by a means test, which will look at the income and savings of the disabled person and their spouse or partner. There's no test if the application is for a disabled child or person under 19.

If the disabled person receives certain income-related benefits, housing benefit or guaranteed pension credit for example, they won't normally have to make a contribution.

If you can afford to make a contribution, the amount of grant will be reduced by the amount of your contribution. If this is greater than the cost of the work, you won't normally receive any grant.

In some cases, there may be other sources of financial help available to help you pay your contribution. Our in-house home improvement agency will be able to advise you on the options available. The agency can guide you through the application process, which includes getting quotations for the work, helping you provide and complete the necessary paperwork and overseeing the work through to completion.


Before you apply, we need a referral from a medical professional. This is usually an occupational therapist from North Yorkshire County Council. You can arrange for an assessment by email at or by calling 01609 780780.

Grant approval

We try to approve all applications as soon as possible, providing enough money is available when we receive your application.

Once the grant has been approved, we'll send you an approval notice, which will confirm the amount of grant you're entitled to and any contribution you may have to make towards the cost of the work.

The work must normally be completed within one year from the date of approval.


The grant will be paid directly to the contractor once the work is complete and has been inspected and confirmed as satisfactory by the occupational therapist.

The Government has produced this booklet containing general information on the grant. 

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