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What is a Disabled Facilities Grant?

If you or someone who lives with you in your home is disabled, you may be able to get a grant to help pay for adaptations to your home, enabling the disabled person to live as independently and safely as possible.

The grant could pay for work such as:

  • Installing a ramp to allow access into and out of your home
  • Installing a stair lift or through-floor lift to allow access to a bedroom and bathroom
  • Adapting a bathroom, for example removing a bath and installing a level access shower instead 
  • Providing a suitable heating system that can be easily operated by the disabled person


You can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant if you own your home or rent it from a private landlord or housing association. If you are a tenant, you will need permission from your landlord to carry out the work. This grant is not available for tenants of council owned properties.

Am I eligible?

You can find out whether you or someone who is disabled and living in your home might receive a full grant, or whether you may have to contribute to the cost of the work by completing the Disabled Facilities Grant self assessment form.

This self assessment should be used as a guide only.  

Frequently asked questions


To enquire about making an application for a Disabled Facilities Grant, contact our home improvement team via the enquiries form below or call us on 01748 901112 or 901149.

Enquire about a Disabled Facilities Grant

You will need to be assessed by an occupational therapist from North Yorkshire County Council who will visit you in your home to discuss your needs and make recommendations as to the most appropriate adaptations to help you.

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