Richmondshire District Council

There are several ways you can pay your rent, which is due fortnightly.

Pay online

Pay online using our online payment portal.

Pay here

Direct Debit

If you want to pay monthly by Direct Debit, call us on 01748 829100, or print off a Direct Debit instruction and return to Mercury House, Station Road, Richmond. North Yorkshire, DL10 4JX.

Direct Debit is simple, convenient and safe.  Visit the Direct Debit website to find out how it works, the benefits and the safeguards that will help you manage your finances effectively.

Debit or credit card

You can pay by debit or credit card. Call 0845 078 1191. Lines are open all day, every day of the year and will cost three pence per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge.


You can pay by cash at our community offices. Don't send cash in the post. 

Problems paying your rent

We take a firm but fair approach to those who don't pay.

If you're having problems, contact the housing management team to discuss your account over the phone, or we can arrange to visit you at home or in one of our community offices. It's often possible to arrange to pay your arrears by instalments. If you keep to an arrangement like this, no further action will be taken.


Many people don't realise that they can claim benefits. You can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) for a welfare benefit check. You can also contact our housing and council tax benefit section for further advice. You can also use the benefits calculator.

Debt advice

If you have several debts, you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) for advice or an appointment to help you make arrangements with your creditors.

The National Debtline offers free, confidential, independent advice on 0808 808 4000. Calls are free.

If I can pay but don’t

We take every step needed to recover rent from tenants who don’t have a genuine reason for their arrears.

We send letters to all tenants who fall behind with payments. Don't ignore them. If you're a secure tenant and you don't clear the arrears or speak to your housing management officer straight away to make a suitable repayment arrangement, we will serve you with a notice seeking possession. (NSP)

This stays in place for a year and can be renewed if there are still arrears on your account. Four weeks after the NSP is served, if you've failed to make and maintain a repayment arrangement or clear the arrears in full, we may apply to court for a possession order. You will have to pay £285 court costs if this happens.

If you're an introductory tenant you'll be served with a notice of possession proceedings (NPP). You don't have the same rights as a secure tenant and it's a lot easier for us to gain possession of your home if you don't pay your rent.

We'll continue to write to you and visit you to try to discuss your arrears and it's very important that you make contact with your housing management officer You'll receive confirmation of the county court hearing date in writing. It's very important that you attend as you'll need to explain to the judge why you haven't made your payments.

If you make an offer to make payments by instalments, and you're a secure tenant, the court may agree to adjourn your case. This will stay in force until all the arrears are paid in full.

If you don't make an arrangement to repay your arrears, or you default on the agreement made at the county court, we will request another hearing or ask for outright possession of your home. This is called an eviction warrant and gives us the right to send a bailiff to evict you from your home.
If you're an introductory tenant, the court will automatically give us possession of your home as you have no security of tenure.

If you're evicted

We will continue to take action to recover the amount owed. If you contact us because you're homeless due to non-payment of rent, you may be considered to have made yourself homeless intentionally and wouldn't be entitled to alternative permanent council accommodation.

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