Richmondshire District Council

How to request repair work

If you need us to carry out repair work, contact us as soon as possible.

Request a repair

Emergency out-of-hours repairs service

If you need an out-of-hours emergency repair, call 01653 697737.

Opening hours of emergency repair line are:

  • Monday to Thursday: 5.15pm- 8.45am
  • Friday to Monday: 4.45pm-8.45am
  • 24-hour call out for bank holidays

Only use this number if your call relates to:

  • Gas leaks
  • Water leaks - burst pipes or tanks
  • Light failures in bathrooms or kitchens
  • Bare live wires
  • Loss of electric power
  • Blocked or unusable toilet (if there is only one in the property)
  • Blocked or broken soil waste pipe causing serious leak of sewage into dwelling (flats only)
  • Structural damage caused by storm, flood, accident or dangerous structures
  • Failure of central heating - only for households with older, disabled or very young residents (winter only)
  • Unsecure ground floor windows and doors

All other enquiries will be dealt with during office hours.

Adapting your home

If you want to carry out home improvements, such as installing new light fittings or doors, or connecting your own gas appliances, you need to ask your maintenance manager's permission.

request approval for an adaptation


You shouldn't start work until you've heard from us.

Housing improvement programme 2020-21

You can find out more about our schedule of works on our housing improvement programme page.

What happens when we propose improvements to your home?


  • We'll tell you when work is due to start and what we plan to do. This can include rewiring or fitting new kitchens and bathrooms. If you don't want the work to be done, tell us as soon as you can
  • Our contractor will visit to explain details of the work and answer any questions
  • You'll be asked to make choices of styles and colours, if we're replacing your kitchen
  • At this point, you'll be given a programmed date, which could change depending on progress on site. You'll be told about any change in writing.
  • You'll receive letters confirming the start date of the work 21 days and seven days before it's due to begin
  • You'll receive a decoration pack once the work has been identified and confirmed

On site:

  • Once work has started, you'll be expected to move and/or protect your furniture and belongings. We can help if you're unable to do this
  • Each work element will take about one week. For example, if you are having a bathroom and kitchen replaced, it will take two weeks, with further time to complete wall and floor finishes
  • When the work is complete, it will be jointly inspected by us and our partner contractor. At this point, any outstanding defects will be recorded and made good as soon as possible.

After completion:

  • You'll be given a booklet containing the helpline numbers and contacts you'll need if there's a problem
  • Our housing department will be notified and any disturbances allowances, if they apply, will be processed and sent to you
  • You'll be asked to complete a satisfaction survey
  • Any defects will be made good by the contractor for 12 months.
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