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Planned housing improvements

Find out more about our scheduled housing improvement programme.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update 

If improvement works are planned for your home, it is still our intention to carry these out, although some may be delayed and rearranged for a slightly later date due to the pandemic.

If your home is included in our 2021-22 programme, we will contact you directly. The programme will be delivered in the months ahead but only to properties where tenants want the work completed. If you do not want the work to go ahead, these can be postponed until a later date.

Our contractors will work towards government and construction guidelines and tenants will be kept updated at each stage.

The health and safety of our customers, staff and contractors is our main priority. When we do come into your home for any reason, we have robust risk assessments and safe methods of work in place (such as wearing personal protective equipment, social distancing and sanitising hands) in order to protect everyone. We do however rely on your cooperation to enable this to work effectively.

If you have any queries about the improvements programme, please contact the Improvements Team on 01748 829100 or email

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