Richmondshire District Council

Servicing gas and oil appliances

We have a duty of care to make sure that all gas and oil appliances we own are serviced every year by Gas Safe-registered engineers.

During the service, we check the condition of appliances, such as cookers. If unsafe, they're disconnected.

Under your tenancy conditions, you must allow the contractors into your home to carry out gas and oil safety checks. They will contact you when your check is due. You should then make contact and arrange for the engineer to call.

If you smell gas:

  • Put out any cigarettes or naked flames
  • Check you haven't left a gas tap or cooker on
  • Immediately turn off the incoming gas supply at the meter
  • Open windows to ventilate the area
  • Call TRANSCO on 0800 111 999

Do not:

  • Use your mobile phone inside your home
  • Use your intercom system
  • Switch off any lights or electric switches as this could cause an explosion
  • Smoke
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