Richmondshire District Council

The new website has been live since December and content has been greatly reduced to ensure it’s useful and easy to find. The figures below show the reduction in pages and documents:

  Old website New website
Webpages 2,700 738
PDF documents 3,569 1,369
Word documents 234 21
Excel documents 115 22

We would like to thank web editors for keeping their pages up to date and keeping the website content current and relevant to our residents and any other visitors to the website.

We use a service from an external company (Sitemorse) to assess the overall quality of the website. This includes technical issues, search facilities, usability and accessibility. Sitemorse works across the UK and provides a comparison with other local government and public sector organisations. The old website scored 4.8 out of 10 and the aim was to increase this to 7.0 for launch date. Following launch the website was scored at 8.4 which placed it as the 8th local authority in the country out of 409 councils – a rise of 197 places.

However, In Q2 2018, our score dropped to 14th in the country, as many external documents added onto the website had broken or expired links. We are working hard to rectify this issue, but would really appreciate extra care from web editors going forward and ask that they continue to only upload documents in an appropriate format and ensure all links, both within pages and documents, are working before being sent for approval.

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