Richmondshire District Council

We have worked closely with the waste and street scene team to streamline their processes and have built in a number of end to end solutions to enable customers to more easily and accurately submit their requests, reports, applications and payments online.

At all points in the waste and street scene team’s eForm processes, the customer is kept informed of the progress of the form via automated emails.

By the use of carefully designed business rules and features attached to triggers, the processes can progress automatically, with features such as changing stages, updating back office 3rd party systems, sending automated emails and auto-closing. These steps are easily trackable by the team, through system alerts.

In some cases the process has been entirely automated without requiring any officer intervention at all. An example of this is the garden waste eForm, which takes the payment, sends the subscription details directly into both the in-cab system and the label printing company’s system, sends confirmation to the customer that the subscription has been received, followed a couple of days later with an automated email advising the customer that their subscription label has been dispatched by the label printers. All the while, staff are able to see the status of the eForm and respond to any customer enquiries when necessary.

Amanda Dyson has said of the process:

“The cash team have helped to improve the subscriptions based service by making subscribing to the garden waste service much quicker and simpler for residents. The new systems which have been implemented have also streamlined the processes and dramatically reduced the workload for the back office when compared to previous years.”

The new process is anticipated to save the council £10,000 in its first year by reducing the administration time for the waste and street scene team from 3-5 hours to 5 minutes a day.  

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