Richmondshire District Council

The CASH team is focused on digital communication as a way to reduce calls into the council by pro-actively informing our customers of any changes to services via social media, email campaigns and the website.

Since January 2018, the amount of people who follow our corporate Facebook account has increased by 69% (as at 06/06/2018). This has had a huge impact on the amount of people seeing our messages, as the average number of people who see our content (our ‘reach’) on a weekly basis has increased by 2,000% from the first 5 months in 2017 to the first 5 months in 2018 (from 483 in 2017 to 7258 in 2018), and the average amount of times our messages are reaching people’s newsfeeds, regardless of whether or not there is any engagement (the ‘impression’), has increased by 1,400% (from 843 in 2017 to 19,186 in 2018).

This demonstrates how effective a communications tool Facebook is.

We encourage anyone with any updates to their service, or anyone who would like to give a campaign they’re working on a little push, to contact us via the ICT service desk to request a post or social media campaign to be sent out.

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