Richmondshire District Council

Requests and issues regarding our website, eForms and social media can now be reported via the ICT servicedesk!

When logging your request, please click the ‘online presence’ category to report the following:


  • Issues with the website such as error messages and pages not loading
  • Changes to website content that cannot be undertaken by your service web editor such as a new section or a homepage carousel advert
  • Requests for training


  • New eForm requests
  • Updates to live eForms such as additional questions
  • Issues with eForms such as forms not submitting or show/hide functionality not working
  • Requests for training

Social media

  • Requests for Facebook and Twitter posts or campaigns
  • Requests for information to be sent out via our email alert system such as a reminder to renew a car parking permit

To ensure your request is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible please log all relevant requests via the ICT servicedesk rather than emailing the CASH team direct.


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