Richmondshire District Council

Two weeks ago we went live with our email alert system. This system:

• allows customers to sign up for alerts from regularly updated pages, for example ‘current vacancies’ and ‘news’

• provides a platform for all services to send instant, real-time message to our residents, for example ‘it’s time to renew your garden waste subscription’ and newsletters

The platform is fully GDPR compliant and residents will only ever receive the updates they have requested (so they won’t receive an email regarding pest control services for example, when they have only signed up for council tax updates).

Our full list of topics can be found here. We invite you to sign up for all the updates you require and urge you to push this service on to your customers, as this will be hugely beneficial for them, as well as for the council as it should reduce avoidable contact.

We used the platform to send out our Garden waste email campaign in January and February 2018, and the engagement rate was significant, with 75% engagement rate on the first email (we sent it to 4,350 recipients) 62% for the second email (we sent it to 2,265 recipients) and 50% for the third email (we sent it to 1,476 recipients) in the series.

If you have any service updates you’d like us to send out, please raise a service desk call (details at the bottom of the newsletter), or pop in to the ICT office to speak with Jade.

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