Richmondshire District Council

9750 online forms have been submitted since January, in comparison to 5250 submitted for a full financial year between 2016/2017.

Recent research undertaken by Socitm (society for IT / digital leaders in the public sector), in conjunction with the Local Government Association (LGA), estimates that face to face contact costs councils in Britain £8.21, phone contact costs £2.59 and web transactions cost £0.09. So the more services we can provide on the website, the cheaper our transactions will be.

We can conservatively assume that the monthly average of eForm submissions will continue for all of 2018, meaning that 23,400 eForms should be submitted by the public by the end of December 2018. If we then compare this number to the eForms submitted in 2017, we see a difference of 18,150 eForms. If we assume that all of those queries/reports or applications would have been made over the phone last year, then the council will have saved £45,375 from eForm contact alone by the end of December 2018.


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