Richmondshire District Council

You may have noticed that we've had a new addition to the CASH team this week. Jade Stimpson joins us from Mackenzie Thorpe Arthouse Gallery with a wealth of digital communications and marketing experience, which she will be bringing to RDC to modernise communication with residents, increase revenue from existing council services by making our residents aware of all the council has to offer and improve transparency for residents by helping them find the information they need. Jade is eager to get started with her first marketing and communications campaigns and is already booking in meetings with service managers to understand what goes on at RDC, and what she can do to help promote the council to the residents and business of Richmondshire.

The team will be joined by another new addition to the team in July, when the digital improvement officer commences their employment at RDC. 

The two posts were approved by Corporate Board recently - digital improvement officer and digital engagement officer.  These roles recognise that a key aspect of improved ways of working is through enhanced communication with our customers.  The introduction of the website is the first step but this needs ongoing management to gain wider engagement with the public.  Improved use of social media is also key to this engagement and is a cost effective way of reaching a large number of people.  Statistics show there are 33,000 Facebook accounts in our district and recent posts have reached up to 25,000 people.  Once the new starters are here, it will release the current CASH team to focus on business improvement work elsewhere at the council.

The cost of the CASH team is added to its savings target.

Jade, Caryl and Kayleigh

Jade Stimpson joins Caryl James and Kayleigh Thompson
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