Richmondshire District Council

Drainage responsibility

In general, the property owner is responsible for the drain up to the point at which it leaves the property boundary.

Pipes outside the property boundary linking to the public sewer, and all sewage pipes which are shared with another property within your boundary, are the responsibility of the sewerage/water companies.

In Richmondshire, the main company is Yorkshire Water (0345 124 2424) although some areas are served by Northumbrian Water (0345 717 1100).

These companies are also responsible for the main public sewers.

If your property is owned by us and yours is the only property affected, contact our housing repairs team.

Complaints about discharges of sewage or other waste water from drains into streams or rivers should be made to the Environment Agency.

If your complaint is about a neighbouring property, for example a defective septic tank, blocked or defective drains and associated odours, our environmental health team can investigate your complaint. If the owner of the drainage system doesn't resolve the blockage or defect, a statutory notice can be served, and if necessary we will arrange for works to be carried out, and costs will be recovered from the owners. 

Blocked road gullies are the responsibility of North Yorkshire County Council

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