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How air quality is measured

Air quality in Richmondshire is measured using diffusion tubes on lampposts or drainpipes on buildings near roads.

Measurements are taken for about a month before being sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.

There are currently 15 tube locations across the district. All of these locations can be found on the nitrogen dioxide site map.

Air quality reporting 

By law, councils have to review local air quality and assess whether health-based air quality objectives will be achieved.

If it's predicted that they won't, an air quality management area (AQMA) must be designated. We would work with North Yorkshire County Council to develop an air quality action plan which would include measures to address air pollution.

There are currently no designated AQMAs in Richmondshire.

We've been monitoring air quality since 2001. Over that time, we've collected a large amount of data. The monitoring results are reported annually to Defra.

New guidance means that annual status reports have now replaced the previous progress reports or updating and screening assessments.

View the air quality annual status report 2020. You can also view the latest letter and appraisal report demonstrating approval of the latest report by Defra. 

View historic air quality reports.

There's more air quality information on the Defra website

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