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Information about woodlice

Adult woodlice are slate grey, have seven pairs of legs and are between 2.5 and 18mm long.

They are crustaceans and are closely related to crabs and lobsters. They evolved to live on land but still need damp conditions.

Woodlice avoid light and are active at night, feeding mainly on dead or decaying plant material. By day, they are usually found hiding under stones, plant debris or damp wood. In autumn however, they may enter homes through air vents or under doors in search of shelter for the winter.

Woodlice don't harm people or damage buildings.

In the UK, woodlice breed during the summer only, producing between 6 and 200 young in a season and have a lifespan of between one and four years.

Treatment can be carried out professionally by our pest control service.

Our service

The standard treatment costs can be found on ourĀ domestic fees page.

This covers:

  • Initial visit and assessment
  • Advice on possible infestation cause and possible measures to deal with it
  • Appropriate treatment using pesticide

If no treatment is carried out, you'll only pay a call-out and survey fee.

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