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Information about slugs and snails

Slugs and snails feed on a variety of plants as well as on decaying plant matter, chewing irregular holes on the leaves of plants. There are about 30 species of slugs in Britain.

Snails lay about 80 round white eggs in the soil. It takes about two years for snails to mature and about one year for slugs to reach maturity.

Both slugs and snails need moisture and are most active at night or during cloudy and rainy days. On dry, sunny days, snails shut themselves into their shells, sealing the entrance to keep moist. During cold weather, slugs and snails hibernate in the topsoil.

Treatment can be carried out professionally by our pest control service.

Our service

The standard treatment costs can be found on ourĀ domestic fees page.

This covers:

  • Initial visit and assessment
  • Advice on possible infestation cause and possible measures to deal with it
  • Treatment using traps or pesticide

If no treatment is carried out, you'll only pay a call-out and survey fee.

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