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Information about silverfish

Silverfish are slender, wingless insects, shiny silver in appearance, with three, long bristletails at the end of their body.

They can be found in moist places, such as kitchens and bathrooms, underneath floors, sinks, in cupboards, and along pipes where they hide during the day and feed during the night. They are extremely fast runners and are sometimes seen trapped in wash hand basins or baths as they're unable to climb out.

Silverfish are scavengers and can cause damage in the home by eating materials such as wallpaper, or books and other starchy materials. Damage often appears as irregular patches removed from wallpaper or irregular and notched edges on wallpaper or other paper products.

Tell-tale sign of silverfish include scales, excrement, or yellowish stains on paper or fabric.

A female will lay less than 100 eggs during her lifetime, depositing them in damp and warm places, such as cracks and crevices or behind skirting boards.

Treatment can be carried out professionally by our pest control service.

Our service

The standard treatment costs can be found on ourĀ domestic fees page.

This covers:

  • Initial visit and assessment
  • Advice on possible infestation cause and possible measures to deal with it
  • Treatment using pesticide

If no treatment is carried out, you'll only pay a call-out and survey fee.

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