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Information about earwigs

Earwigs are dark brown and between 10mm and 14mm long, have wings but never fly.

Usually, they are active at night, spending the day in moist, shady areas, such as beneath stones or in cracks in walls.

They eat a variety of things, from flowers, fruit, vegetables to leaves and decaying organic matter.

Some earwigs are predatory, feeding on aphids, insects and spiders.

Earwigs spend most of their time outdoors in moist damp places, but if the weather is hot and dry for a long time they may go indoors. They are a garden pest and can cause damage to flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Earwigs live through the winter as either adults or eggs.

Treatment can be carried out professionally by our pest control service.

Our service

The standard treatment costs can be found on our domestic fees page.

This covers:

  • Initial visit and assessment
  • Advice on possible infestation cause and possible measures to deal with it
  • Treatment using pesticide

If no treatment is carried out, you'll only pay a call-out and survey fee.

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