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Information about ants

There are 41 different species of ant in the UK. The one that causes most problems for people is the garden or black ant, which is 3.5-5mm long and dark brown to black in colour.

Black ants usually nest outdoors in lawns, flower beds under paving stones, and in walls.

Although they aren't a health hazard, they can be a nuisance as they can find their way into homes in large numbers.

They enter homes in search of sweet foods, getting in through small gaps in masonry, doors and windows.

Ants aren't just pests. They also feed off insects and act as scavengers in the garden.

Treatment can be carried out professionally by our pest control service.

Our service

The standard treatment costs can be found on our domestic fees page.

This covers:

  • Initial visit and assessment
  • Advice on possible infestation cause and measures to deal with it
  • An insecticidal gel or spray treatment will be applied, if ant activity is found or suspected
  • Additional gel bait stations are provided to clear any residual infestation
  • Any subsequent treatment visits will be agreed with the customer


  • If no treatment is carried out, you'll only pay a call-out and survey fee 
  • Additional gel bait stations provided to customer to clear any residual infestation. Price on application 
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