Richmondshire District Council

Public safety should be a top priority at any event being held.

A number of agencies working in Richmondshire aim to ensure people remain safe at events. This includes small and large-scale events, as well as those held on roads, which inevitably involve a degree of risk.

Before you start planning, you need to ask some basic questions:

  • What kind of event are you thinking of?
  • How long will it last?
  • How many people will come?
  • Will your event include anything that might add complications, such live animals or water sports?

You then need to make it happen by:

  • Creating an event management plan
  • Making a budget
  • Marketing your event
  • Identifying health and safety issues, including fire safety
  • Considering catering guidelines
  • Applying for licences

To help organisers, we've produced an event management guide. This includes information about the aspects of the event that you may need to consider to deliver a successful and safe event. It contains contact details for the agencies involved and sources of further information.

We also arrange joint meetings of the safety advisory group to discuss proposed events with promoters so they can clear up any issues well before the event is staged.

The group is made up of representatives from:

  • Richmondshire District Council
  • North Yorkshire Police
  • North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • North Yorkshire Ambulance Service
  • North Yorkshire County Council: Highways, emergency planning and trading standards
  • Other organisations may be invited depending on the nature of the event

The safety advisory group will consider all event notifications and offer advice to the parties concerned. Notifying the group allows all the responsible agencies to be aware of your eventĀ 
and lets them effectively plan and prioritise their duties and responsibilities.

Your notification also allows you to tell all relevant parties through one central point.

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