Richmondshire District Council

Environmental activities and permits

We're responsible for issuing permits and regulating the activities of certain industries.

These are known as:

  • Part A2 installations: an operator has to consider emissions to air, water and land as well as other environmental issues
  • Part B installations: an operator has to consider emissions to air only

Larger Part A1 installations are regulated by the Environment Agency.

There are currently no Part A2 installations in Richmondshire.

Petrol stations, dry cleaners, mobile crushers, quarries and activities which use bulk cement are examples of Part B activities.

Guidance on these, and many more activities which may require a permit, is available from Defra.

The list of companies holding Part B Permits in Richmondshire can be found on our permitted installations map. 

We hold a detailed public register of these activities at our offices. You should make an appointment to view the register so that help can be available if you need it. There's no charge.

Recent changes 

As a result of amendments to the environmental permitting guidance, burning waste oil in small waste oil burners is no longer allowed unless the operator obtains a permit under schedule 13A of the Environmental Permitting Regulations and complies with the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

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