Richmondshire District Council

Applying for a permit

A permit is a company’s licence to operate.

To obtain a permit for an activity, applicants must demonstrate that the best available techniques (BAT) will be used to prevent, minimise or render harmless polluting releases.

BAT covers all aspects of the way the installation is managed and operated, including design, emission standards, staff training and qualifications, and working methods.

We will apply permit conditions in line with government guidance and legislation such as the Industrial Emissions Directive. The conditions will be clear, relevant, enforceable and workable.

You can download the following application forms:

Part B: Permit application

Part B: Mobile crusher permit application

Part B: Mobile plant temporary permit

Part B: Vehicle re-spraying permit application

Part B: Dry cleaning permit application

Part B: Petrol station permit application

Part A2: Permit application

Declaration of reduced operation

Waste exemptions

Most waste management activities should have a permit.

However, there are some exemptions that don't need a permit but do need to be registered and are subject to lighter regulation.

Most waste exemptions are registered by the Environment Agency. However T3 (treatment of waste metals and alloys by heating for the purposes of removing greases etc) or T7 (treatment of waste brick, tiles and concrete by crushing, grinding or reducing in size) waste exemptions are registered by the local council. The registration of T3 and T7 application form provides further information. 

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