Richmondshire District Council

Households paying by Direct Debit – 1st/15th of the month 

As at the 12 May 2022 the Council has paid £150 via BACS to 9,829 households (£1,474,350 in total) in council tax bands A to D (including those households in Band E receiving Disabled Relief). This represents almost 68% of all eligible households. These payments were made in accordance with the parameters set out by central government including the following criteria: 

  • where the council tax liable person details exactly match their bank account details held by the Council
  • where there is only one set of bank account details
  • where the council tax liable party is not a business name 

If you have not received a payment and you pay on the first or the 15th of the month, it is likely that you do not fall into the categories above and we need to carry out additional checks to ensure the details are correct before making the payment. Where it is not possible to carry out these checks, we will invite you to make an application. We hope to have the application process live later this month (May 2022).

Households not paying by Direct Debit 

We are currently completing an application process for households who do not pay their council tax by Direct Debit.

When this process is available, we will send a letter to all relevant households inviting them to apply. We hope to have the process available during May 2022. Important - the letter will contain a personal security code that you will need when making the application.

Second homes and unoccupied properties are not eligible for a payment.

Discretionary scheme

The main scheme which provides a £150 rebate applies to all households in Bands A, B, C and D who meet the qualifying criteria.

We have been awarded a set sum of money for a discretionary scheme to look at potential households who fall outside of this main scheme. This discretionary scheme is currently being developed. When the scheme and application process have both been finalised we will provide details in due course - please check the website and our social media sites for details.

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