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The Valuation Office Agency can help with many valuation questions you may have.

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Business rates and rateable values.


Your rateable value and how it is worked out. where you can look up your property by postcode and see the details.


You want to update your property’s valuation details. where you can look up your property by postcode and send in suggested amendments to the property’s details.


You want to know why your rateable value is different from your rent.


You want to know the rent/trade details held for your property.

The VOA does not publish this information online, as that would breach the Data Protection Act. Please ring the VOA on 03000 501 501 to request the details


Your business has closed, and would like the property taken out of the rating list. The VOA doesn't remove properties from the rating list just because the business has closed. It is more than likely that if the property still exists it may still be rateable.


Your property is in poor repair.  so you can consider your next step – depending on state of disrepair.


Your property is undergoing refurbishment or structural alterations. to see if this affects you and what to do if it does.


You want to know about small business rate relief


You want to know about zoning 

The VOA uses zoning to measure retail premises. This is a standard method of measuring retail premises for valuation purposes.


You believe your property's measurements are wrong. where you can look up your property by postcode and send the VOA suggested amendments to the measurements.


You want to appeal/challenge your 2017 rateable value. where you can look up your property by postcode and, if needed, submit a check on the property details.


You want to appeal/challenge your 2010 rateable value. where you can look up your property by postcode and submit an appeal on the 2010 valuation.


You want to correct address inaccuracies, including the postcode where you can submit a request to amend it online.


You want to know if you should be paying business rates,  if the business is run from your home

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