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The disabled band reduction scheme aims to support those living in a larger property than they would need if they were not disabled. Having a disability, however, does not automatically entitle you to a reduction.
The requirements for a reduction are that the property must be the main residence of at least one disabled person and it must have at least one of the following:

  • A room which isn't a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or toilet which is mainly used by, and is needed to meet the needs of, a qualifying individual. For example, this may be a room which is now mainly used for therapy or treatment such as kidney dialysis.
  • A bathroom or kitchen which isn't the only bathroom or kitchen in the home and which is provided to meet the needs of a qualifying individual.
  • Sufficient floor space to allow the use of a wheelchair required to meet the needs of a qualifying individual.



If your application is successful, your council tax bill will be reduced by one band.

No account is taken of your income - you could still qualify regardless of income. A property inspection will be required.
Your home may have features added for someone with disabilities that reduce its value. If you don't think these were taken into account when deciding your council tax band, you should write to the Valuation Office Agency.
For more information, go to our section on appeals.

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