Richmondshire District Council

Job description

Post number: SUPP HOUS 04-05, 07-09

Post title: Resident Warden

Salary grade: Grade 6

Responsible to: Support and Improvement Team Leader

Job purpose

To provide support to sheltered housing residents, to enable them to live independently, and be aware of their needs.

Supervisory/managerial responsibilities


Supervision and guidance

All wardens are to refer all matters (other than routine day-to-day issues) to the Support and Improvement Team Leader.

Range of decision making

  • To check standard of cleaner's work and advise the Support and Improvement Team Leader of any issues as necessary
  • To arrange cover for own absence with the Relief Warden, and to report any difficulties to the Support and Improvement Team Leader.
  • In conjunction with the cleaner, to order cleaning materials via the Support and Improvement Team Leader
  • To summon appropriate assistance for residents as required, from routine to emergency situations
  • To provide appropriate first aid in emergency situations. 
  • To carry out appropriate level of actions in no-contact situations

Responsibility for assets, materials, etc.

  • All information relating to residents is to be regularly updated and kept in a secure manner
  • In conjunction with the cleaner, all cleaning materials are to be stored and used with regard to hazardous material information supplied
  • Guest room bookings, cash handling, and cleaning of bedding
  • Collecting TV licence monies, and completing forms
  • Reporting faults on the warden call system to the Support and Improvement Team Leader. Reporting faults or repairs re communal areas
  • Carry out regular tests on the fire alarm system and fire drills with residents

Main duties and responsibilities

1. To adhere and refer to the guidelines set out in the Resident Warden's Code of Conduct.

2. To contact each resident every morning to verify their wellbeing.

3. To take appropriate action in the event of not being able to make contact with a resident.

4. To answer intercom calls from residents at night, except on day/night off.

5. To advise control centre when going off/returning to duties.

6. To respond appropriately in emergency situations, i.e., give first aid, get further help if required and notify relatives.

7. To record all incidents, and place a completed incident report sheet in residents' personal files.

8. To maintain and update residents' records, notifying control centre of any changes.

9. To welcome potential and new residents to your scheme and advise them of scheme related facilities and social activities.

10. To liaise with other agencies regarding organising additional support for residents.

11. To attend warden meetings and training events.

12. To advise the Tenancy Relations Officer of any disputes between tenants.

13. To advise the Tenancy Relations Officer of any properties in poor condition.

14. To organise via the Depot team the clearing of footpaths in winter.

15. To undertake such duties of a comparable nature and level of responsibility as may be required from time to time.

16. To demonstrate an acceptance of, and commitment to, the Council’s Equalities and Diversity Policy.

N.B. Please be aware that an Enhanced DBS check will be required for this post.


  • Members of the public, doctors and nursing staff, and social workers
  • Housing Managers
  • Councillors
  • Visitors
  • Contractors
  • Maintenance personnel

Special conditions of service

  • DBS check
  • Accommodation is provided, rent free, on a service-tenancy basis
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