Richmondshire District Council

Job description

Post number: WASS RR 13-29

Post title: Refuse/Recycling Loader

Salary grade: Grade 4

Responsible to: Senior Waste and Street Scene Supervisor

Job purpose

To undertake, usually as a member of a team, duties connected with the collection of refuse and recycling. They will be responsible to the Refuse/Recycling Vehicle Driver.  

Main duties and responsibilities

1. Collection of waste and recycling materials and transferral to collection vehicle, sorting where necessary and without spillage.

2. Assisting the driver in the safe manoeuvring on the round or at the disposal location.

3. Collection of any spillages and loading these onto the vehicle.

4. To operate all equipment safely and undertake any specific training that may be required.

5. To adhere to the Council’s Safe Working Practices and Policies and to undertake any training as required.

6. Completion of the days work as instructed by supervisor unless authorised by management.

7. Completion of prime documents such as duty sheets, working sheets, and in particular timesheets all of which must be handed in to the Waste and Street Scene Supervisor as required for processing.

8. Will be required to drive any Richmondshire District Council vehicle up to and including a 3.5 tonnes as and when requested. Reporting through recognised procedures, where applicable of accidents, vehicle defects or any other relevant abnormal circumstances encountered during the working day.

9. To undertake such duties of a comparable nature and level of responsibility as may be required from time to time.

10. To demonstrate an acceptance of and commitment to the principles underlying the Council’s Equalities and Diversity policy.

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