Richmondshire District Council

Parliamentary elections

Parliamentary elections are run by Hambleton District Council; you can visit Hambleton's website for more information.



Publication of notice of election*

Notice of Election

Not later than 11 November (4pm)

Poll cards

These will be issued on 11 November

You do not need a poll card to vote, so long as you are on the register
Additional mailings of poll cards for those who register to vote in the run up to the election will be issued throughout the election up until 6 December

Delivery of nomination papers*

Until 14 November (4pm)

Deadline for delivery of nomination papers*

14 November (4pm)

Deadline for the notification of appointment of election agents*

14 November (4pm)

Publication of statement of persons nominated, including notice of poll and situation of polling stations*

Statement of Persons Nominated

14 November (5pm)

If objection(s) are made: not before objection(s) are disposed of but not later than 15 November (4pm)

Deadline for receiving applications for registration

Visit GOV.UK 

26 November

Deadline for receiving new postal vote and postal proxy applications, and for changes to existing postal or proxy votes

Apply for a postal vote (Application forms and information)

Apply for a proxy vote (Application forms and information)

26 November (5pm)


If you had a postal vote in place by 30 October 2019, your postal ballot pack will be mailed around 27 November, or 22 November 2019 if you live overseas. If you apply for a postal vote after that date, up until the deadline at 5pm on 26 November 2019, then your postal ballot pack will be mailed around 29 November 2019

Deadline for receiving new applications to vote by proxy (not postal proxy or emergency proxies)

Apply for a proxy vote (Application forms and information)

4 December (5pm)

First date that electors can apply for a replacement for lost postal votes*

6 December

Polling day - 7am to 10pm

12 December (7am to 10pm)

Last time that electors can apply for re-issue of spoilt or lost postal votes*

12 December (5pm)

Deadline for emergency proxy applications

Apply for a proxy vote (Application forms and information)


12 December (5pm)

*Hambleton District Council, Civic Centre, Stone Cross, Rotary Way, Northallerton, North Yorkshire DL6 2UU

Local government vacancy

By-elections took place on Thursday 17 October 2019 for Hawes, High Abbotside and Swaledale ward and Upper Dales Division. 

Parish/town council vacancy

Polling stations

Maps to polling stations can be viewed on this page

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