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Devolution for York and North Yorkshire

The City of York and North Yorkshire councils have negotiated a proposed devolution deal between central government and local authorities for York and North Yorkshire.

The proposed devolution deal, if agreed by the councils and informed by public consultation, would deliver more local powers and decision making and more funding. 

As it stands today, the proposed deal is worth up to £750 million in total.

What would it mean?

You would have the chance to elect a mayor for York and North Yorkshire who would:

  • champion our region and work with the Government to make sure we get a fairer share of future funding
  • lead a mayoral combined authority to invest funding into transport, education and business support
  • tackle local challenges such as affordable housing and low wages 
  • hold responsibility for the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner 

This is an historic moment and the first powerful step towards long term change. Read the press release for further details.  

What happens next?

Councillors will decide whether to proceed to consultation on the deal. If this is approved, a public consultation will then take place in the Autumn giving you a chance to have your say on the deal.   

Where can I find out more information?

You can find out more information on the York and North Yorkshire devolution website. You can also sign up via this website for the ‘We are York and North Yorkshire’ newsletter to keep up to date about devolution. 

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