Richmondshire District Council


We welcome petitions as one way in which people can let us know their concerns.

We've adopted a petition scheme which sets out how we'll respond to the petitions we receive.

Petition scheme

All petitions receive an acknowledgement within ten working days of receipt. This will set out what we plan to do with it.

You can create or sign an existing e-petition.

Or, if you want to start a paper petition, you can use our petition template

Paper petitions can be sent to:

Democratic Services Manager
Richmondshire District Council
Mercury House
Station Road
North Yorkshire
DL10 4JX

Petitions can also be presented to a meeting of the full council. These take place five times a year. If your petition receives 250 signatures or more, it will also be scheduled for a council debate.

Subject matter

Petitions can be on any subject of local community interest, not just matters limited to our specific powers. But there are some limitations.

What won't be considered

A petition won't be considered:

• If it applies to a planning or licensing application
• If it's a statutory petition, for example asking for a referendum on having an elected mayor
• If it's on a matter where there's already an existing right of appeal, such as council tax banding

We won't take action on any petition we consider to be vexatious, abusive or otherwise inappropriate and will explain the reasons for this in our acknowledgement of the petition. Our monitoring officer will decide whether a petition falls into this category, although all council members will be notified that the petition request has been received and the subject matter.


Richmondshire District Council accepts no liability for the petitions on these web pages. The views expressed in the petitions don't necessarily reflect those of Richmondshire District Council.

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