Richmondshire District Council

Local councils have a legal duty to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by their members.

As part of this, councils must abide by a code of conduct and involve an Independent Person in allegations of misconduct. Failing to declare or register interests is now a criminal offence.

Any allegations are dealt with locally, following advice from the monitoring officer or legal team. Powers might include censure or the removal of a member from a committee, but the authority can't disqualify or suspend members.

Independent Person

We've appointed one Independent Person and one substitute. We may ask for their views in dealing with complaints about alleged code of conduct breaches. Any councillor who's the subject of a complaint may seek the views of the Independent Person.


You can make a complaint about a potential breach of the code of conduct by a member by filling in the below form.

Complaints about the conduct of a councillor

Standards hearing panel: Notice of decisions

Go here to find the decision of the standards hearing panel into code of conduct breaches by parish/town or district councillors.

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