Richmondshire District Council

How do I apply to re-use public sector information?

You are allowed to apply to re-use information we hold.

“Re-use” means using the information for a purpose other than its original intended use. This could include commercial use. Making such a request doesn't provide access to the information itself.

Public task statement

Our public task statement provides further details about the information the council collects and how to access the information we hold.

Make a re-use request

To be valid, a request must:

  • Be in writing
  • State your name and address
  • Say which document you want to re-use

Your can make a request by emailing We must respond within 20 working days.

Your request won't always be granted. Regulations allow us to refuse requests for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The document contains information in which intellectual property rights are owned by a third party. An example would be architectural drawings we commissioned from an architect who retains the copyright
  • The content of the document is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000
  • The document falls outside our statutory functions

If we refuse your request, we must tell you why in writing. We must also advise you of your right to an internal review and appeal.

Processing requests

Where possible, we'll process your request electronically and make the documents you wish to re-use available electronically.

Sometimes, we'll impose conditions on re-use by licence, but they won't unnecessarily restrict the way in which a document can be re-used, or restrict competition.

You may have to pay to re-use information. We can charge for allowing re-use, but we're not allowed to charge more than it costs us to provide the information, other than allowing a reasonable return on our investment. If you ask, we can provide a breakdown of how charges have been calculated.

If you're unhappy with how we handle your request

You can ask for an internal review through our complaints procedure. Write within 20 days of being informed of the decision to

If you're still unhappy after the review, you can refer your complaint to the Information Commissioner's office

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