Richmondshire District Council


Off-street parking Parking account 2016/17 (£000s) Parking account 2017/18 (£000s)
Staffing and management 62 69
Maintenance and running costs 29 34
National non domestic rates 40 38
Capital charges 0 9
Total expenditure 131 150
Pay and display 303 346
Permits and other income 63 64
Fines and penalty notices 9 13
Total income 375 423
Total surplus / (deficit) 244 273
Capital expenditure 15 0
Total surplus / (deficit) 229 273

The net surplus we receive from supplying car parking services helps to fund car park improvement projects. Any additional surplus goes to support the council’s general expenditure.

All the income that the district council receives from parking is from ‘off-street’ parking, which is car parks and not on-street parking on public highways and roads. This means that it is exempt from the legislative requirement to ‘ring fence’ any surplus to transport-related expenditure.

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