Richmondshire District Council

Will I still be able to put my bins and recycling items out for collection as normal?

Yes. All general waste, recycling and garden waste collections are still taking place as normal for the time being. Any changes to these collections will be posted on our social media sites and the council’s website.

Continue to put your bins and recycling containers out for collection at the kerbside by 6.30am on your designated collection day.

Your waste still needs to be kept separate in the various bins/boxes/bags. For details of what goes in your green or black box, blue and white recycling bags, and green bin for those who subscribe to our garden waste collection scheme, visit our what goes in the bin page.

Will I be able to put an extra bag of rubbish out for collection with my grey bin?

No. Customers are encouraged to recycle as much of their waste as possible and to limit the amount of food waste in line with our standard advice to residents. 

I am using more home deliveries at the moment which could result in more cardboard to recycle. How do I dispose of this extra recycling waste?

Unfortunately the crews do not have the capacity to pick up any excess recycling waste. 

Only cardboard that is folded and placed in the recycling bags will be collected. Residents are asked to keep the remainder for a future collection or for when the pandemic is over and the recycling centres are once more open for business.

What measures should I be taking to protect myself and the waste crew at this time?

Residents are asked to observe the social distancing rules when the collections are taking place and not to come into close contact with the waste teams.

We are also asking residents to wash bin, box and bag handles both before and after collections to protect themselves and the council collection teams.

All our vehicles are fitted with hand washing facilities and crews have sanitisers in order that they can follow the hand washing advice. Our operatives also wear protective gloves, but they handle hundreds of bins, boxes and bags on every round so we advise that householders wash their bins thoroughly.

How do I get rid of my household waste if I am self-isolating or have symptoms of coronavirus?

Anyone who has or suspects they have coronavirus within their household must follow Government guidance when disposing of waste. All disposable tissues and cloths should be put into a separate rubbish bag. The bag should then be tied and placed in a second bag, and securely stored until negative test results are known or the waste has been stored for at least 72 hours.

Will there still be an assisted waste collection as I am unable to put my bins and boxes out at the kerbside myself?

Yes. Those residents who currently receive an assisted collection will continue to receive one but please avoid any contact with the refuse collectors.

If I run out of purple sacks, where can I get some more sacks from?

For those households that use purple sacks to dispose of their waste, new sacks will be delivered to your home on request – please contact us on 01748 829100. Please note that it will take up to two weeks to deliver sacks from the date of request.

How do I get a replacement recycling box or bag if it has gone missing?

The recycle crew carry a stock of recycling boxes and blue or white bags on their vehicles. There is no charge for replacing these recycling items. Please do not approach the crew. Just leave a note out for them on your usual collection day. 

How do I get rid of old clothing?

Textile banks are full in Richmondshire and are unlikely to be emptied for some time as the company that empties the bins has suspended its service due to the current crisis. Any clothing items left there will be classed as fly-tipping which can incur prosecution and fines.

Please therefore keep any unwanted clothing at home until the coronavirus pandemic restrictions pass. Alternatively residents can put them out for kerbside collection with their recycling bags and boxes, but textiles must be in clear bags so crews can identify the recycling as textiles.

Can I still use Household Waste Recycling Centres (TIP) and recycling sites around the district?

Our recycling centres remain open for the time being but please only use these centres as a last resort. We need to focus our staff on kerbside collections so clearing the sites may not be as regular as usual. If the sites are full, please take your waste back home. If the sites are abused they will be closed. 

Government guidelines recommend you do not leave your home unless it is essential for food, work, medical reasons or to exercise. Due to these guidelines we therefore do not recommend you visit the recycling sites around the district unless absolutely essential.

Most everyday items can be recycled at the kerbside. Residents are encouraged to continue to use these services rather than making unnecessary journeys. 

Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) run by North Yorkshire County Council have now re-opened, including the sites at Catterick Bridge and Leyburn. No trailers are allowed and social distancing measures must be adhered to. It may be tempting to spend time carrying out DIY or gardening projects, but residents are advised to avoid creating unnecessary waste. 

Please do not be tempted to fly tip as this is an offence and offenders will be prosecuted. Our environmental health officers are asking residents to think of others and not to burn any waste by lighting bonfires during the coronavirus lockdown. Further details about bonfire smoke and the hazard it causes during lockdown can be found on our news page.

Can I still book a bulk refuse collection with the council?

We are still taking requests for bulk refuse collections but there may be some delays. We have changed the way we collect your items to ensure the safety of our refuse teams. We can no longer offer to come in to your property to collect items that you are unable to move yourself. All bulky items must be placed outside your property for us to collect. Further information is available on our what is bulky waste page.

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