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Who are classed as the most vulnerable?

Those who are likely to be seriously ill if they catch Covid-19 are classed as being a clinically extremely vulnerable person (CEV).

Anyone considered to be CEV will receive a letter from the NHS or their doctor to inform them of this. You may have been advised to shield in the past.

For a list of those considered extremely vulnerable visit the GOV.UK website. Those who have Down's syndrome (adults only) and chronic kidney disease (stage 5) have recently been added as conditions that class them as a CEV person.

Lockdown guidance for extremely vulnerable people

If you are a clinically extremely vulnerable person the Government is advising that you should not attend work, school, college or university, and limit the time you spend outside the home. You should only go out for medical appointments, exercise or if it is essential.

Available support

You can register online for yourself, or on behalf of someone, with the National Shielding Support Service so that you:

  • get access to priority supermarket deliveries
  • ask for someone to contact you about any local support that is available


Richmondshire District Council is working alongside North Yorkshire County Council who have established four local community support organisations within the district. These hubs can help deliver groceries and prescriptions to your home, along with providing advice. Visit our support in the community page for further details about these local hubs.

NHS volunteer responders may also be able help deliver your food shopping.

Some of the larger supermarkets (Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrisons, Iceland, Waitrose and Ocado) are continuing to offer priority supermarket slots to those who need them. If you are already receiving priority access to supermarket delivery slots this will continue - you do not need to do anything further.

Accessing NHS or social care services

It is important that you continue to receive the care and support you need to help you stay well.

You can access a range of NHS services from home, including ordering repeat prescriptions or contacting your health professional through an online consultation. For further details visit the NHS Health at Home website

Any carers or visitors who support you with your everyday needs can continue to visit. They should however follow social distancing guidance where close or personal contact is not needed.

Obtaining medication

If friends or family are not able to collect any medicines for you, then you will be eligible for free medicines delivery. Contact your pharmacy to inform them that you are clinically extremely vulnerable and need your medicines delivered.

Travel assistance for vaccination appointments

If you are unable to receive a lift from family, friends or neighbours or struggle using local transport and cannot get to your Covid-19 vaccine appointment, you may be able to get help from your local Community Support Organisation. Visit our support in the community page for the Community Support Organisations' contact details. 


If I cannot work from home and I am advised not to go into work, what support is available?

If you cannot work, the Government has extended the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme until 30 September 2021. You may be eligible for this scheme if you were on the payroll before 2 March 2021 for periods starting after 1 May 2021. Please speak to your employer if you think you are eligible.

Does my whole household have to shield?

No. Other members of your household are not required to shield. That means they should continue to go to work if they are unable to work from home.

To protect yourself you should try to stay 2 metres away from other people within your household, especially if they show symptoms of the virus or have been advised to self-isolate. Follow the guidance of 'Hands, face, space.'

Are new groups of people going to be added to the shielded patient list?

The shielded patient list is monitored regularly. If scientific evidence shows that other groups face a very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus, then they will be added to this list and informed of this.

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