Richmondshire District Council

Committee members

Chairman: Jimmy Wilson-Petch (Con)
Vice-Chairman: Danny Gill (Con)
John Blackie (Inds)
Susan Fairhurst (Con)
Bill Glover (Con)
Lawrence Grose (Con)
William Heslop (PRF)
Lorraine Hodgson (PRF)
Patricia Middlemiss (Con)
Stuart Parsons (Inds)
Ian Scott (Con)

Next meeting date

26 June 2018

Future meeting dates

25 September 2018
22 January 2019
19 March 2019
21 May 2019 (Annual Council)

Further reading

Click on the dates below to find agendas, reports and minutes from meetings held during 2018-19.

15 May 2018 (Annual Council)

You can also view agendas, reports and minutes from 2017-18 here.

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