Richmondshire District Council

Members of the senior management team

Our senior management team is made up of the chief executive and three corporate directors.

Tony Clark - Chief Executive
Tony Clark

Tony Clark

Chief Executive - Head of Paid Service 

Responsible for:

  • Overall leadership of the management team and workforce
  • Providing high-level strategic support for the political leadership of the council
  • All strategic and high-level operations
  • Strategic role with partnerships

Colin Dales - Corporate Director (Operational Services)
Colin Dales

Colin Dales

Corporate Director (Operational Services)

Responsible for:

  • Housing - landlord services, and support and improvement
  • Open spaces and amenities
  • Waste and recycling, and street scene
  • Street lighting
  • Community safety
  • Facilities management
  • Pest control

Callum McKeon - Corporate Director (Strategy & Governance) and Monitoring Officer
Callum KcKeon

Callum McKeon

Corporate Director (Strategy and Regulatory) and Monitoring Officer 

Responsible for:

  • Democratic services and elections
  • Planning and planning policy
  • Land charges
  • Environmental health and licensing
  • Business and community
  • Communications
  • Housing options
  • Legal services
  • Building control

Sian Moore - Corporate Director (Resources) and S.151 Officer
Sian Moore

Sian Moore

Corporate Director (Resources) and Section 151 Officer

Responsible for:

  • Finance, improvement and procurement
  • HR and payroll
  • Customer services
  • Business support
  • Strategic asset management
  • Revenues and benefits
  • ICT and business change
  • Internal audit

Pay policy 

Our statement of pay policy sets out the council's policy on pay and conditions for senior managers and employees.

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