Richmondshire District Council

Richmondshire District Council's equalities objectives 2019-20

Theme 1: The Council as an employer

Objective: Employment policies, procedures, guidance and practice promote an inclusive workforce.

We will:

1. Implement the Council’s Workforce Strategy, developing and implementing actions to promote, and continue to train, a workforce reflective of the community we serve
2. Through the Workforce Strategy, prioritise succession planning and the use of apprenticeships, ensuring a suitable mix across the protected characteristics.

Theme 2: Local community engagement

Objective: Community engagement through promoting and encouraging access to Council services across the District area.

We will:

3. Continue to consult, engage and work with those groups representing the protected characteristics to ensure policies and action plans are effective and appropriately targeted

4. Work with specific groups who are encouraging those with protected characteristics to become involved and lead across the community. Examples include The Beacon, The Veterans’ Lifestyle Programme, the Council’s External Apprenticeship scheme, and progressing the Council's dementia friendly approach.

Theme 3: Governance

Objective: The Council collects, monitors, reports and acts on information relating to equalities and diversity to promote service improvement and reduce the potential for discrimination.

We will:

5. Improve reporting and follow up action on protected characteristics across staff and the community
6. Continue to review the Council’s policies and procedures across all services in line with agreed timescales, publishing where relevant.

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